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Shocking Industry News

BT has made the difficult decision to close all BT Redcare operations on 1st August 2025.


BT have announced that they will continue to meet their commitments to provide services for orders already placed, but that the announcement should be taken as formal notice that all Agreement(s) users may have with BT (including all orders placed for provision of BT Redcare services thereunder) will terminate on 1st August 2025, or earlier if the services are contractually due to expire earlier, or if users migrate their services away from BT Redcare earlier than 1st August 2025.


BT have stated that they appreciate that this may not be welcome news, so they are giving as much notice as they possibly can.


They (BT) also know that it might take users time to find an alternative service provider, so they will continue to accept orders up to and including 29th February 2024 on the express condition that no services will continue to be provided beyond 1st August 2025.


Each Installer will therefore need to consider moving their BT Redcare customers to an alternative service provider by no later than 1st August 2025.  In order to help with this, BT will waive any early termination charges from 1st March 2024 for orders that have already been placed before 1st February 2024, and where BT Redcare services are already being provided.


Don’t Panic

Integrated Visual Protection Limited IVP Limited is here to assist all BT Approved Redcare Installers with this dilemma.


Shocking Industry News

Mark Eyles-Thomas, Managing Director has stated: “It is at times like these that the Industry pulls together. Our National Security Inspectorate – NSI Gold Medal Approved Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is here to assist all installers (whether they have 1 or 10,000 BT Redcare connections) with obtaining the best possible alternative security solution, at the industry’s most competitive price.”


Call us now (Free) to see how we can best assist you: 0330 999 7000


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