the object toward which one strives or for which something exists; an aim or a goal

IVP will be recognised as the UK’s number one privately owned installation / maintenance company and monitoring station.

All other disciplines associated with these business activities will be viewed with this conviction and purpose.


of service; useful; supplying aids or services rather than products or goods

  •  Alarm Installation/Maintenance
  •  Alarm Monitoring
  •  CCTV Installation/Maintenance
  •  CCTV Monitoring
  •  CCTV Equipment Upgrades
  •  CCTV Internet Protocol Migrations
  •  Data Cabling & Networking
  •  Biometric / Access Control
  •  Physical Security
  •  Electronic Equipment – Security Surveys

EX-CEL-LENCE (N) – our definition

the result of caring more than others think is wise,  risking more than others think is safe,   dreaming more than others think is practical and expecting more than others think is possible.

Electronic Security Division

Today’s technological advancements are permitting customers and end-users to progress from the conventional and traditional methods of ‘Practical Security’,   to a modern,   sophisticated and fully integrated electronic security solution. For example if a customer had static guarding or mobile patrols on their site,   covering the out-of-hours periods,   traditionally security companies would provide quotations along the same basis.

Electronic security including Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV),   Intruder and Hold Up Alarm Systems (I&HAS),   Access Control Systems and Remote Monitoring/Surveillance/Lockup/Unlock are now viewed as,   “an every day part of our lives”. However with the capabilities of modern personal computers,   ‘iPhones’ and ‘Smart Designs’ the true benefits of these security devices can now be appreciated,   individually and/or as a complete system by a much wider spectrum of professionals (wherever they may be) and in ‘Real Time’ format (RTI – Real Time Information). This translates as RTI being delivered to the right people simultaneously and instantaneously so that ‘event evaluations’ are accurate and the
correct protocols are followed.

Why Integrated Visual Protection Limited?

IVP is an established Company with the highest possible qualifications (National Security Inspectorate Gold Medal holder,   ISO 9001,   British Standards,   Thatcham Approval,   etc.) that has an innovative Electronic Security Division supplying bespoke and tailored electronic security solutions to hundreds of organisations and thousands of individuals throughout the UK.

We boast a progressive portfolio of domestic,   commercial and industrial end-users where we are providing singular and/or multi-site security systems & solutions. We have actively established key strategic alliances with top-brand manufacturers,   who in themselves provide state-of-the-art technology and use our facilities to ‘beta test’ their prototypes.

System Development & Realisation – The Core Processes

• IVP discuss and understand your company’s core business activities;
• IVP understand your company’s historical security incidents,   perceived risks and threats;
• IVP undertake a comprehensive security survey (Protection of Life; the Protection of Property and Premises; the Prevention of Loss & Waste; the Prevention and Deterring of Crime; Observe and Reporting Requirements);
• IVP identify and agree the objectives of the electronic security system (as specified);
• IVP understand any budgetary constraints that may affect the system design;
• IVP understand any time constraints that may affect the system design & development;
• IVP specify the security system;
• IVP formulate the implementation plan;
• IVP install the equipment inline with implementation plan;
• IVP provide instruction and training to customer staff;
• IVP provide ongoing support;
• IVP provide site maintenance and service visits.